Themes That Affect Children Literature, by J. Spence


As a writer for children’s books, one of the most important things you’ll need to understand, is that Children’s Literature is divided into different categories. Age and developmental stages govern these divisions.

Considering the different development possibilities during childhood, all children share the following:

a) a need for love, being loved, and to give love;

b) a desire for stability, rules, and routine in their day to day living;

c) a need to be and feel safe in their environment, which includes when at home and away;

d) require a social aspect in their lives, one that starts with parents during infancy and eventually branches out to friends and peers as they grow into teens;

e) fear of being isolated, abandoned and ostracized from those they love;

f) a need for strong self-esteem in order to function positively in society;

g) a separate amount of time to nurture their creativity, ability to think outside the norm without being criticized or shunned.

All of these “themes” are the bare essentials that must be understood and realized by all writers who desire to write children’s books. The final outcome of their writing must leave their young readers feeling good about life, especially if they are dealing with a time in their lives that may leave them feeling hopeless.




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