So you’re here! I’ve been waiting!

Being an author has been quite the ride. I began writing at the tender age of twelve. I kept at it all the way into high school where I was editor for the local newspaper. At the same time, I was hired by a local newspaper to write a “School Beat,” column for all the schools and covered events and games. I absolutely loved it. It opened the door to more newspaper articles, writing for magazines and working towards my first book. I won several awards for my writing all before I entered post-secondary schools. I’ve completed my education, still writing, and have gone back to keep updated with everything book related. I completed several courses about writing that included editing, writing for children, writing mysteries and thrillers, creative writing, editing manuscripts, proofreading, line editing, copy editing, writing for magazines, publishing, more publishing, children’s lit, English, layout and design, cover art, the business of writing, business management, accounting, writing forensics, forensics investigations, police sciences, investigative journalism, journalism and reporting, and many workshops, lectures, readings, I’ve taught workshops, classes, ran book clubs, youth book clubs, have a university degree, college diploma, and four certifications all for writing… I have been at this for over forty years. I am still going to school, when I can, but online. I’m currently attending Ryerson University, when I have time, with the hopes of getting a degree in publishing, and if I’m not dead by the time that’s done… maybe my masters. If not, it’s all education and experience, right?

I’m not necessarily an introvert. But I like animals more than people. I’ve seen some ugly things over the years, experienced a lot of crap from people I thought I could trust as I’m sure so have many others. But, I put it aside to use when I write and try not to let it run who I am. This makes my writing hard-hitting, I’m told, sometimes direct and I take on a no nonsense attitude that demands honesty and fair-play. I have no time for much else. With my wonderful husband, we are raising a daughter who has special needs. She demands my strength and endurance which I gladly and lovingly give. She deserves it.

Katie is twenty-three now, my first book covered her life up to right before she was also diagnosed with Diabetes. She has Down syndrome, is high functioning and the absolute light and love of my life. Sadly, this little package of joy has to endure so many issues that surrounds her illnesses–she also has a hypothyroid condition, is OCD and stutters because her brain functions faster than she can get the thoughts out–something like my fingers when I’m working on a piece.


My husband is a remarkable man for supporting me during all the ups and downs we’ve suffered, many at the hands of family who just couldn’t quite get it, but that’s okay too, they are the ones who are missing out. Katie is real, she loves unconditionally, without exception, innocent to the ways of the world and precious. If she loves you, it will be forever and if this is the case, then you’re the luckiest person around for it. Life is good, now that I’m retired from the businesses I opened and ran for twenty years before I sold them and focused full-time on writing. My husband also retired in 2015, and told me to focus on my writing. He announced that he’ll get the dishes and housework… how can you argue with that? He’s my biggest fan.

That was almost three years ago, and yup, he is doing a large portion of the housework still. Says it keeps him moving. I help him out when my brain freezes, which can be for a few days at a time when I’m working on larger projects.Books have been the one thing that’s remained constant throughout my life. Publishing has changed drastically and how marketing and promoting is done now with social media, but books, they’ve always been there steady and true. I don’t miss punching a clock and answering for things often outside my control. I like life now. We do whatever we want, the three of us, when we want. And deal with everything else as a family. With Katie comes lots of fun too. We coach Special Olympians, bocce and bowling. We have been adopted by a big, loving family because of this. They take us as we are, no judgement, no nastiness, always hugging, shaking hands, telling us they missed us if we’re away. No pressures! No expectations from us except whatever it is we’re willing to give. Sometimes, I think the whole world would benefit a little bit from this kind of love and friendship. It’s sadly missing in the world today. We are mom and dad to at least a dozen or two and it makes a person feel good about themselves having these comments made out of true feelings, not from a pressure to please.

I have a lot of work on my desk, with ARCs to read and review; five or six author interviews to conduct for my blog site; websites to manage, papers to write and push, articles to send out before deadlines, and books to write. I just finished the first book in my Echoes Series, Echoes of Darkness. It’s being promoted for reviews right now and so far, I’m doing good with them. The second book of the series is underway, Echoes of Madness and should be out early spring 2018. My hopes are the final sequel, Echoes of Righteousness, will follow December 2018. I also am finishing up Dial 911-Dead, a paranormal thriller. It should be out mid-December 2017. The cover reveal is to the right of my site’s home page. Check it out. I have three sets of editing to do: copy editing, proofreading, and line editing then it’s off. I have another supernatural thriller I’ve been collaborating on with my brother. It’s about Nazis, experimentation, Mount Everest and lots of action. That’s ongoing right now. But first draft is almost together for review. It’s interesting working with someone on a book, I recommend it for every author out there. You get a whole new take on perspectives and taste. I have a first-run out on a children’s book series I’ve been writing for years. Right now five books have been written and they are being pushed for reviews, beta readers, that sort of stuff to see what flies and what needs revision. If your interested in giving input and have experience with reviewing kids’ books, drop me an email at:




and connect with me. There’s lots you can do to help out. There are outlines written for four other stories… I think I need eight more pairs of arms and hands so that I can finish them all. I wonder who else out there is constantly writing ideas and outlines for future books. I have notebooks full of them. I’ve also got an epic fantasy series of twelve books that I’ve been writing for over 20 years. I have six written in draft form, and wow, it’s a lot of work but I’m loving it. Can’t wait for the point where I’m confident with what I have to approach an agent. I’ll need one for this project… it’s really special. Even I’m pleasantly surprised with how it’s coming. Why twenty years? Life got in the way. Hey, Tolkien took almost his whole life-time to write his masterpieces. lol It’s not like I stopped everything else because of it. Anyway, I’ll post about writing, my projects and thoughts and hopefully, you’ll join me in discussions and voice your opinions. I’m always interested in what other authors, writers and readers have to say. You can always send me snail mail. I love getting ‘nice’ mail. That address is on my blog too.

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