Rants and Edits


by J.L. Slipak

It just amazes me how Canada Post is getting away with what it charges for shipping. In this day and age, seniors and people who are struggling financially want to find a way to make extra money. Once upon a time, they had found ways, on eBay.

Now, with the seriously insane costs of shipping, especially within Canada’s own borders, how the Hell can anyone survive the rising costs? It’s no longer worth selling small items and with the economy the way it is, good luck with the larger items because there is the cost of shipping to kill the deal. So now we’re left to wonder how do we make extra money to help a never-effective increasing pension? It’s impossible. The Government, when it comes to people making money, feels they have the right to a slice of the pie, regardless of the situation. If you make money, they want some. When they can’t get what they feel they’re entitled to, they go to great lengths to cabosh the whole deal, making it impossible for anyone to get ahead.

We’ve dealt with suppression, oppression and control issues with the government since its conception, but this is getting ridiculous. So when companies like eBay respond to the growing dilemma, they become the enemy while scrambling to save their own necks. With fees for stores, fees for sales, fees for shipping, the cost of shipping, packing, returns, losses, policies… What’s the point? We’ve been clever over the years in how we ship, how we charge, how we present… we’ve “clevered” ourselves to death taking hits on profits, to accommodate the hope of getting ahead by agreeing to live with less. That in itself is ridiculous, but we persevere relentlessly with hope and determination.

As more and more interference rears its ugly face, the reality of the situation screams loudly when we finally admit defeat and accept the suppression shoved down our throats, suppression edged sharply of complying or die…

Well, our online business is almost dead. I absolutely know, that our products would sell, we would make money and feel the crunch of survival less if shipping and fees would also face a reality, they’re burying their own success by ignoring or not caring about the failure of others.

Yet they refuse to acknowledge this truth settling with the fantasy of shifting to larger and better-known companies with hopes of enticing bigger profits. I hate to break it to them, but they’re living a farce. Reality will hit many companies large or small this year with the proposed increased fees/shipping costs. Profit margins will drop and you’ll hear them sing the blues like all the rest, only for them, because their voices seem to be louder, or is it more important, they’ll get more attention drawn to their issues, with ours long dried up to dust on the ever-increasing shores of control and dictatorship.

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