What is an Author Platform?

For some personalities, getting out there in the public to push and promote your work is really hard to do. However, it is essential to your success as an author in today’s writing world to have one. These platforms are used to connect with readers, followers, other authors, fans… etc., and are used to showcase your talent. Getting your books and writing out there in various mediums gets your name and skill, your style of writing in front of as many people that you can to give validation to your work.

I’ve attached a great video produced by Writer’s Digest, with Jane Friedman, contributing Editor speaking about author platforms. Give it a listen and see what you think.
I’ll write more about platforms in another blog. But for now, enjoy the video.


This video is over 1 hour long. Grab a coffee!


Here is a fantastic article written by a talented writer regarding author platforms. Check it out and give credit on her site if you liked Brooke’s writing.

Written by Brooke Warner, May, 2014

Hope both help you out.

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