Basic Magazine Writing, by Barbara Kevles, AUTHOR RESOURCE (Writing for Magazines as a Freelance Writer)



ISBN-13: 978-0898790771
ISBN-10: 0898790778

A guide to researching and writing magazine articles includes advice on finding ideas, selecting markets, doing interviews, and dealing with controversial subjects.

Whether you’re a beginner or an established free-lance writer seeking to expand your markets and income, if you have the talent and the will to succeed, you’ll find in this book–the first to define the basic forms of magazine writing–the formulas, the inside knowledge, and the courage to reach for the stars and get published in the leading national magazines.


This book is divided into sixteen chapters: How To Become A Magazine Writer, The Query: How to Get Assignments, Where To Find Saleable Article Ideas: Your Best Sources, The One Interview/Biographical Profile Form: How to Profile a Newsworthy Subject, How to Find the Right Magazine Markets for Your Article Ideas & How to Negotiate an Assignment, The Service Article Form: How to Report a New Consumer Product or Service, How to Get & Prepare for an Interview, The One Issue/One Interview Article Form: How to Write Up a New Issue or a New Development in an Old Field, How to Do an Interview, Introduction: Three Forms to Publish a Research Interview as an Interview, The “Q. & A.”: An Expert’s Views of a Controversy or Controversial Viewpoint, The “As Told To” Interview: The First-Person Narrative About an Extraordinary Experience or an Outstanding or Unusual Career, The Celebrity Interview: A Famous Person on a Celebrated Life and Famous Work, Writing Discipline: How to Get Through a Writer’s Block and How To Outline an Article, The Expository Article Form: How to Capture an Emerging Conflict or Complex Development from Many Viewpoints, and, Standards and Guidelines for Professional Magazine Writing.

A lot of the rules apply for writing freelance as they do for writing novels. However, you’ll find a lot of blurring between the two. What this means, is that there are rules that sometimes can be broken or at least stretched. Never box yourself in.  This particular book helps to understand the world of freelancing and what is expected when you writing for magazines. Obviously, articles for magazines are shorter than books, but topic material can be similar. Like any rule in the publishing world, there are always exceptions.  Be original, that is the most important thing here.

I use this book often when it comes to the preparation of my articles to go out to magazines since this process is different from querying a publisher  for a book.

I give this book:


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