You Can Write Children’s Books, Bundle, Book and Workbook, by Tracey Dils, AUTHOR RESOURCE


SPECIAL SHRINKWRAPPED BUNDLE! Filled with advice and encouragement, You Can Write Children’s Books walks you through the process of writing and selling a children’s book. Author and children’s books editor Tracey Dils offers expert advice on each major genre of children’s books: picture books, beginning reader books, chapter books and middle school and young adult novels. Put concrete, practical advice into practice with the You Can Write Children’s Books Workbook and take your work to the next level.

Paperback, 320 pages
Published October 22nd 2010 by Writer’s Digest Books
ISBN: 1599631938 (ISBN13: 9781599631936)
Edition Language: English


Because I loved Tracey’s Workbook so much, I ordered in the bundle and gave the double workbook to a fellow author friend.

I’ve already reviewed the workbook.

Here are my thoughts about the 2nd Edition book that came with it in the bundle.

The book basically moves along with the workbook, but obviously goes into each topic in greater depth. I’ll outline what each chapter represents.

Chapter one, Tracey discusses what you need to know to get started writing for children. She talks about the world of children’s books, its mission, the market, the magic and even dispels some of the misconceptions you may have about the field.

Chapter two, Tracey breaks down the different divisions of children’s books and starts with Picture Books. Here she discusses how to write pictures books that warm the hearts of youngsters and adults alike.

Chapter three, Tracey moves on to Beginning Readers and Chapter Books. Here she shows how to find ways to craft these books that will help young readers celebrate their ability to read.

Chapter four, Tracey discusses Middle Grade and Young Adult Novels and how to write these books to speak to and inspire older readers.

Chapter five, Tracey discusses Non fiction work and the exciting rewards and opportunities of this often over-looked sub-genre.

Chapter six, Tracey talks about looking like a pro, learning about the important conventions of style and technique that give your manuscript a professional and polished look.

Chapter seven, Tracey encourages you to find the right publisher for your book and not to pick just anyone. Here she elaborates on discovering how to navigate the publishing maze and target the right publisher for your manuscript.

Chapter eight, Tracey writes about how to give your manuscript a fighting chance by crafting a query and proposal to beat all the rest and on how to format your manuscript and submit it to publishers.

Finally, chapter nine discusses breaking into print. Tracey covers how to create a writing rhythm that works for you and how to learn the secrets that will unlock publishing opportunities.

As you can see, Tracey covers everything you need to write children’s books and does so with a great voice and ease. You’ll love this and the workbook and your writing will greatly improve by having this book on your resource shelf.

I gave this bundle:



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