Writing Better English, an ESL Workbook, by Ed Swick, AUTHOR RESOURCE


Taking a developmental approach to improving writing skills, “Writing Better English” helps you increase your level of proficiency in both grammar and vocabulary. The author draws on his extensive teaching experience to provide: . . Tools nonnative English speakers need to become better writers . A series of exercises and practical-writing activities . Tests for comprehension of basic grammatical structures, such as verb tenses and pronouns . A practical section on writing personal and business letters . .

Paperback, 200 pages
Published April 16th 2004 by McGraw-Hill Companies
Original Title: Writing Better English : An ESL Workbook
ISBN:0071426434 (ISBN13: 9780071426435)
Edition Language: English


This is a fantastic book for sharpening your grammar. It’s in a workbook format that provides comprehensive exercises and easy to follow instructions.

The book is divided into six sections: Preparing to Write, Beginning to Write, Writing Original Sentences, Story Completion, Writing Letters, Writing Original Themes, followed by an Appendix that discusses irregular verbs in past tense and past participles. There is an answer key at the end.

In the first section, the author discusses many topics including passive voice, the subjunctive mode and the comparative and superlative. The other sub-sections deal with tenses, auxiliaries, conjunctions and such.

In the second section, the author discusses sentence completion.

In the third section, the author discusses how to understand the format, and writing according to format.

In the fourth section, the author further discusses format and completing stories with original phrases.

He provides a section on writing letters both friendly and business.

Lastly, he discusses theme.

Although simplistic in its writing, this book is geared more toward high school students. I find it useful and perfect for my resource shelf because of the grammar practice exercises. If you need to brush up on grammar, refresh yourself about story writing, then, this book is for you!

I give this book:


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