First-Time Authors, 64 Children’s Writers First Published Pieces–with Authors’ and Editors’ Commentaries, AUTHOR RESOURCE


First, I must note that I have a different edition than the one shown above.

A unique collection of 64 writers who achieved their first publishing successes, the stories and articles they wrote, and why the editors said yes.

Paperback, 240 pages

Published February 25th, 2006, by Writer’s Institute Publications

Original Title: First-Time Authors: 64 Children’s Writers’ First Published Pieces–with Authors’ and Editors’ Commentaries


This is a book I absolutely loved when I first started writing for children. With all books on advice out there, some of the materials inside are similar. However, what I liked the most about this particular book is how it’s laid out. First you get the article that a writer wrote. Once you’ve read that, you get a backstory from the author about the article, or what they did to get published.

Then, you get a commentary from the Editor who published the story. They explain their thoughts about the article, what attracted them to it and why they felt it was worth publishing. The best part about this, is that you can add to your notebook fantastical contact and submission information for submitting your articles to magazines to make money. The helpful insights given from the editor show you exactly what each magazine is look for. If you want inspirational snippits from authors who are published in children’s magazines, and helpful hints and contact info from editors, then this book is an invaluable resource to add to your bookshelf.

I give this book:



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