A Passion for Narrative, A Guide For Writing Fiction, by Jack Hodgins, AUTHOR RESOURCE



This book is not intended to persuade you to take up writing novels or short stories…. Nor will it tell you how to market your stories. But it will take you through the problems facing any fiction writer and how some of the best writers in English have solved them. The chapters are clear and comprehensive: Finding Your Own Stories; One Good Sentence After Another; Setting; Character; Plot; The Architecture of Story; Point of View and Voice; Metaphors, Symbols and Allusions; Revising.

As an award-winning novelist and short-story writer Jack Hodgins is uniquely qualified to preach what he practices. As a trained teacher, he has been giving creating writing lessons for more than forty years, at high schools and universities and to writers’ summer schools. With its scores of examples of first-class writing this lively, truly fascinating book will almost certainly make you a better writer; it is guaranteed to make you a better reader.

Paperback, Revised edition, 320 pages
Published January 18th 2001 by McClelland & Stewart (first published September 1st 1993)
Original Title: A Passion for Narrative: a Guide to Writing Fiction – Revised Edition
ISBN: 0771041985 (ISBN13: 9780771041983)
Edition Language: English


This is a book that I have on my writing resource shelf that I often refer to for inspiration and/or help while writing a book. It discusses topics such as: writing good sentences, finding story ideas that are meant for you to write, plot, setting, character, structure, point of view, and voice. It also goes into using metaphors, symbols and allusions correctly and when. Towards the end of the book, it discusses the tedious but necessary process of revising. You get brief notes on fiction writers quoted or discussed for inspiration. Overall, I found this book extremely useful and a tool that any writer would appreciate having among their resources.

I for one, would recommend you looking into purchasing a copy of this book if you’re an author/writer.



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